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Classical Christian Education: Preschool-8th
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K-8 Program

Welcome to Heritage Christian Schools -

Home of the Patriots.


The K-8 Program at Heritage Christian Schools strives for excellence in all aspects of a student's life.  Our teachers are professionally trained Christian men and women whose purpose is to give our students a Christian, classical-infused education that provides a Biblical worldview along with solid academics that are truly advanced and life-changing. We know in order for students to be equipped for the Christian life, administrators, teachers, aides and staff must be living examples of Jesus. It is the prayer of the entire staff of Heritage Christian Schools that each student that walks onto our campus would see Jesus Christ lived out in our lives in such a way that they would desire Jesus to be a reality in their lives as well.

The environment that HCS offers is a safe and productive one. We believe that each child is created in the image of God. Our setting here encourages students to be involved not only in academics but extra-curricular activities as well: band, volleyball, basketball, football, track, computers, and music just to name a few. Creating an atmosphere where students feel a part of something great is what we hope for each student on our campus. Heritage staff and families come to regard each other as a close-knit family working together as a teacher/student/parent team. Our desire and prayer is that you can someday be a part of the Heritage Christian Schools family.

Dan Hopper

Superintendent of Heritage Christian Schools
Academy and Junior High Principal