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Classical Christian Education: Preschool-8th
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K-8 Daycare

The last few months have been challenging and difficult and we are all ready to begin the new year. Our Readyland preschool will start on Wednesday, August 12, as previously scheduled. However, we have decided to move the start of our program for Kindergarten through 8th grade to Monday, August 17, to facilitate new teacher orientation and all other preparations for a successful year.

After much consultation with other ACSI schools, our school association (ACSI), legal counsel, and, of course, our own Board, we have decided that it would be best to start the year operating a Day Care with Educational Services. Day care is allowed in our community now. Our community needs full-day social and academic activities for school-age children of first responders, healthcare professionals, essential community personnel, teachers, and those parents/guardians who must work to maintain employment. Our teachers will conduct extensive educational services with academic curriculum in grade level “Pods” to help the children be prepared for the return to the classroom when schools can reopen. We will not require uniforms and some other schedules and routines will need to change to improve COVID-19 protection.

We know you want to get back into a structured environment that meets students social and academic needs, and we look forward to welcoming you back.


Dan Hopper