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Classical Christian Education: Preschool-8th
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Continuous Enrollment

Continous Enrollment FAQ

Continuous enrollment streamlines the re-enrollment process. Here at Heritage Christian Schools (HCS), continuous enrollment assumes that once a student is enrolled at HCS, the student will continue his/her education at HCS until graduation from eighth grade unless the HCS is notified otherwise by the family

The majority of the children who are enrolled at HCS will graduate from HCS, so the question arises, why ask families to complete re-enrollment paperwork for each child year after year? By moving to Continuous Enrollment, we will eliminate the paperwork and steps required by our parents each year as part of the re-enrollment process. The continuous enrollment system will simplify the process for our families and allow HCS to operate more efficiently.

Please read the Terms and Conditions of the Continuous Enrollment Agreement and indicate your agreement with your signature. Next year and every year thereafter, you will not need to do or sign anything other than deciding, prior to March 15, if you want to pay the Annual Parent Participation fee of $250 or volunteer the necessary hours and to update any information, if necessary.

The only time you will need to complete paperwork is if the student will not be returning to school, such as if the family is moving out of the area. The Withdrawal form to notify HCS can be found on our website.

The “Commitment Date”, March 15 of each year, is the last day that parent(s) may opt-out of Continuous Enrollment for the next school year before being responsible for the next year’s non-refundable Annual Registration Fee and the non-refundable Annual Book Fees.

If a family needs to opt-out of enrollment, the Withdrawal Form on the HCS website will need to be submitted prior to March 15 in order to avoid the next year’s enrollment charges.

If a current school family is enrolling a new student, the parent is to complete an application for that child. The application can be obtained by calling the HCS Office. The parent will only need to complete and return the application to the School. All new applications will include the Continuous Enrollment Agreement.

For the upcoming school year, the fee will be incorporated into the Tuition Rate Schedule. The fee will be billed to your FACTS incidental account on March 15 with a due date of March 30.

Tuition rates will be communicated through the HCS website. Tuition rates for the following school year are determined by the HCS School Board Commission by mid-February. The new tuition rates will be posted to the School’s website and a text message will be sent notifying families when the new Tuition Rates are posted.

All financial aid applications are administered through an online application process using FACTS Grant & Aid starting in February of each year. There is an application fee charged by FACTS for processing and verifying an application for aid.

Once the school is made aware of the financial aid grants that students will be receiving, the families’ monthly tuition payments will be recalculated, and you will receive an email through FACTS.

If a parent has additional questions after reading this, please email Mr. Dan Hopper, our principal, at If you have a question regarding your tuition account, contact Mrs. Jen Gonzales, our Business Office Manager, at