Christian Education for Ages 2-8th Grade
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Thank you for your interest in Heritage Christian Schools.

New students are welcome at any point during our school year, dependent upon classroom availability and testing. Usually, initial contact results in the mailing of an information packet to inquiring parents.This packet contains a handbook, current newsletter, current month's menu, fee schedule, and other pertinent information.  After review of this information, a family calls to schedule a tour of the school with an administrator. Also, a time for student testing (for placement purposes) will need to be scheduled. Both the campus tour and student testing are a required part of the enrollment process.
For current and returning families, the admission process for the next school year begins right before Open House (February/March). Registration packets are mailed to all current families for the next year, and parents have the option of mailing in their packets or delivering them directly to our Business Office.
Academy and Junior High Enrollment Requirements
>  School tour
>  Student testing
>  Payment of applicable fees
Students enrolling for Kindergarten must be five (5) years old by September 1st of the year of enrollment or by special arrangement with the school board. A “Kindergarten Orientation” event is normally held prior to Open House and is a wonderful opportunity for parents to meet directly with our Kindergarten teachers.
Enrollment Process
1) Call the school at (661) 871-4545. We can help in the following ways:

Answer questions you may have

Let you know if there are openings at the grade level in which you are interested
Send you a packet of information
Set up a school tour with a staff member
Put your child on a waiting list

2) Come for a school tour. We will:

Give you an opportunity to peruse the curriculum in the main office

Walk you by our three recess areas
Show you the cafeteria/gym and explain our lunch and sports programs
Take you into a classroom during class time so you can see the teacher/student interaction
Introduce you to the P.E., music, and band programs
Show you the computer lab
Let you see the Auditorium and discuss chapels
Have you check out the Library Media Center
Show you the After School classrooms
Return you to the administrative offices where we will gladly answer questions

The school tour is a good opportunity to ask questions and give information about your child. Questions that parents commonly ask during the tour concern age of the school, accreditation, staff longevity, parental involvement, typical school-day schedule, curriculum overview, homework policy, standardized testing, grading procedures, disciplinary methods, objectives of chapel, music, band, after school care, size of the classrooms.
The staff member will ask the reason you desire to come to Heritage; you might be asked if there are any school-related problems, such as discipline, academics, social adjustments, attitude toward responsibility, and spiritual openness.
Schedule an entrance test. Part of the admission process is testing. Test results are not used to label a child but as an indicator of achievement, potential, and learning style.
Tests used are:

Mini-Battery of Achievement Test

Kindergarten Inventory Test
ABC Inventory Test

Students testing at a grade level 1-½ to 2 years below their current grade will be accepted into our program only if parents are willing to provide opportunities for intervention. Testing is done to determine if Heritage is the educational facility best able to meet a child's academic needs. Parents will be informed of the results of the testing.
3) Complete registration papers and pay applicable fees. When parents decide to partner with Heritage Christian Schools in the education of their child, they fill out the registration papers and provide us with the state required papers and immunization records. All documents are then returned to the Business Office where any required fees and/or deposits are accepted.
Student Acceptability
The administrator shall determine the acceptability of a new student after testing and personal interviews with the child and the parents. The decision of the administrator will be final. It is the policy of the school to require board approval for any student who has been expelled or released from another school and wishes to attend Heritage Christian Schools.
The first six weeks of a child’s attendance at school shall be considered a probationary period. During this time, the Heritage Christian Schools Board, upon recommendation of the administrator, may drop a child from school if it is determined to be in the best interest of the individual child or of the school.